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david-an-chiva-logo.jpgI am so excited for my new columnist David and Chiva who are leaving today for the next 15 months to travel the US via bicycle and doggyride trailer to raise money for two worthy charities!  David and Chiva will leave their home, belongings, and friends and family today to begin their journey.  They will be writing a blog, and a column in our magazine.  I will be David’s link to the outside world while they travel.  You can go to his link on our website to donate money to David and Chiva.  All proceeds beyond his small expenses (we are getting sponsorships and David will do a lot of camping and budgeting!) all proceeds will go to the Humane Society and Sierra Club.  I am so proud of David and Chiva and inspired by their journey!!!! 


One of my greatest goals this year – is saving dogs lives.  Working with Ginger’s Pet Rescue and the Humane Society is teaching me so much.  I have personally already saved 5 dogs from death.  How amazing is that!  I am a foster parent, plus helping organizations raise funds and awareness.  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  At all of our events we will have a place to bring supplies for animal rescue organizations.  And we will work with them to raise money as well.  As I am sick as can be – my doggies are my constant caregivers (why I haven’t been on the blog!).  They remind me why I want to do more and help others.  We as humans must be the voice for those who cannot speak!

Last night was bittersweet for me.  Marilyn found a home.  I had four families that wanted her – and I found her the perfect forever home.  When my daughter Alyce and I took her to her new home we spent two hours with the family.  Marilyn has been renamed Aurora and is now an only dog.  The families four year old daughter loves Sleeping Beauty – so beautiful Aurora will be their new Queen.  This is what foster care is all about.  Of course there is a sadness when you come home and realize the dog is gone, but I smile this morning knowing she went to the perfect home.  I will love you forever Aurora – but your new family will give you a lifetime of love, memories, and companionship! 

Planet Poochie is having a 1/2 off all coats this Thursday through Sunday.  Planet Poochie is in downtown Kirkland – and has the most amazing merchandise.  The coats are too die for!  For more info:

I just recorded my first show on Pet Life Radio – called “The Pet Set” which covers Pet Fashion.  My first show is about Valentine’s Day for Your Dog with Special Guest Tracey Morales from Planet Poochie.  This show was so much fun to talk about – we cover the latest in high fashion for dogs on this show, and some really cute gift ideas – please listen to the show by visiting:  Queen Dog Lady has a weekly show on Pet Life Radio!

I have now had Marilyn for over a week – she is amazing.  A rat terrier with so much love and sweetness to her.  As I type this message she lays behind me in the chair.  She loves people!  I have never fostered an animal before, so this is wonderful.  My three dogs, and five kids just adore Marilyn.  She has already became such a wonderful part of our pack and I can’t wait to find her a forever home that will give her the love she deserves.  This dog is a miracle — Ginger rescued her FROM THE TABLE.  She was on the table and they were getting ready to put her down.  As Ginger put her in the van she asked a man helping her load the dogs what his favorite movie star was – he said Marilyn Monroe.  So Ginger named her Marilyn.  Marilyn is beautiful, loving, and just needs someone to adopt her.  If anyone is looking for a new dog please contact: or the Seattle Humane Society:  When you think of getting a new pet, save a pet!  There are other great places such as: Homeward Pet, Noah, and many others – if you want to adopt please email me and I will help you find a pet!

Queen Dog Lady

When I brought Marilyn home she had a huge gash in her leg, was scared, but clinging to me.  As a few days have passed Marilyn has adapted to my pack very well.  She loves my three dogs, and five kids.  She even likes my husband.  She is an adorable Rat Terrier that we call “Marilyn Monroe”  …  Ginger rescued her from the table ready to be put down.  If it was not for Ginger, she would be dead today.  Ginger came from California recently with a van full of dogs that rescued in the nick of time.  This is what she does, and a personal hero to all of us.  If you are interested in fostering a animal or donating products or money – please visit her website: 

She is also one of our new column writers for Seattle Dog Magazine.  Every issue she will write about Rescue and the many things people can do to help.  We will be doing events together – and helping create awareness.    These rescue organizations save so many dogs and place them in a new home.  If you are thinking of getting a new pet and don’t know how to find a rescue please email me, I’m happy to help you find one.  I am proud to say two of my three dogs came from rescue organizations. 


I am proud to announce my newest member of my home : Marilyn.  Marilyn is a Rat Terrier up for adoption through Ginger’s Pet Rescue.  I just picked her up today – she is very sweet.  Ginger and I spoke recently about fostering and spreading the word about foster care — I told her the best thing I could do was be a foster parent.  I have five kids, three dogs, a husband, and a publication.  And I want to do this with all my heart.  I can give a dog a great home until they find their special person that adores them! 

Marilyn needs a home please let me know if you are looking for a special new dog for your home!  She is beautiful and so sweet!


Queen Dog Lady has a brand new Radio Show on Pet Life Radio called “The Pet Set.”  Queen Dog Lady has big shoes to fill per this used to be Charlotte Reed’s old show!  The Pet Set is a thirty minute per week show that covers Pet Fashion.  Her first show will air Feb 5th and include “Fashion tips for your Pet Sweetheart”  to find out more about Pet Life Radio please visit:  There are several great radio shows with different pet radio experts! 

Do you want to share the beauty of your favorite pet with the world? We’re having a contest to find our next pet model! The winning pet will have their photo on our Pet Hair Eraser vacuum package. We will also donate $10,000 to the Pet Cause of the winning pet parent’s choice!


Grand Prize:
Pet’s photo placed on Pet Hair Eraser vacuum and package
AND $10,000 Donation to Pet Cause of winner’s choice!

Weekly Prizes: 1 Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum to top vote recipient

To Vote:

Each voting period, visitors to will have a chance to vote for their favorite pet photo.  The top vote-getter each week will receive a Pet Hair Eraser vacuum, and the top five photos each week will be entered into the final selection process. We will choose the winner from the finalists based on the following criteria:

  • Expression
  • Overall Appearance
  • Condition of Coat

Go to to enter the sweepstakes! 

They have an incredible line of pet cleaning products.  We are currently working on our Spring Cleaning for your Pet issue – March 2008.  To read about the Bissell product evaluations we are doing – check out our March issue.  If you want more information on their line of pet cleaning products visit their website:


Queen Dog Lady

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