When I brought Marilyn home she had a huge gash in her leg, was scared, but clinging to me.  As a few days have passed Marilyn has adapted to my pack very well.  She loves my three dogs, and five kids.  She even likes my husband.  She is an adorable Rat Terrier that we call “Marilyn Monroe”  …  Ginger rescued her from the table ready to be put down.  If it was not for Ginger, she would be dead today.  Ginger came from California recently with a van full of dogs that rescued in the nick of time.  This is what she does, and a personal hero to all of us.  If you are interested in fostering a animal or donating products or money – please visit her website:  www.gingerspetrescue.com 

She is also one of our new column writers for Seattle Dog Magazine.  Every issue she will write about Rescue and the many things people can do to help.  We will be doing events together – and helping create awareness.    These rescue organizations save so many dogs and place them in a new home.  If you are thinking of getting a new pet and don’t know how to find a rescue please email me, I’m happy to help you find one.  I am proud to say two of my three dogs came from rescue organizations.